Write Answer For Questions & Get Paid Rs.2 Per Answer

Most of us having a question in our thought which is unanswered. At Netjobsall, we are having a set of questions which need your help to get answered.

Offer us your answers and get paid. Before answering a question, you must gather information on which field of question you have chosen. 

The answer you are providing us is useful for someone and so give us relevant useful answers. That’s great! you are doing favour to someone and also getting paid at the same time. You can answer as much as question you want.

How To Do Answer A Question Job

STEP 1 :

Go to Okayanswers.com and select the question

STEP 2 :

A set of questions will be displayed. Select the question of your choice for which you are going to give the answer.

step 2

STEP 3 :

Write your answer in the answer box. Your answer must contain at least 30 words.

Answer a Question Job Step 3

STEP 4 :

Now click on the Post answer option.

Answer a Question Job Step 4

STEP 5 :

Now you will get answer successfully submitted notification at the top right corner of the same window.

Answer a Question Job Step 5

Tips to answer a question : 

  1. The answer you are giving must be relevant to the question
  2. The answer must contain 30 or above words.
  3. Give clear meaningful answers.
  4. If you are answering for any recipes or experiments, give step by step answer with numerical order.
  5. If you are giving answer for any equation or formula based question, give neat explanation.
  6. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  7. Avoid using capital letters and special characters at unwanted places.

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