Write Comments For Aptitude Questions & Get Paid Rs.1 Per Comments

In Netjobsall.com, we provide you jobs, based on your needs and requirements. We have multiple job options, in which you can choose anything that suits your challenges.

So, here is commenting on aptitude jobs, which is very simple in which you can earn by simply typing comments for our aptitude based questions and answers.

Since aptitude is for study purposes, your comments must be related to the given question and answer. Look down and know the step by step method for posting your comments on aptitude jobs.

Step by step method on how to post comment on aptitude

Step 1: To post any job on our website you must login. then Click on aptitude in the top left corner of our home page.

Step 2: There will be four topics displayed, which are arithmetic aptitude, verbal ability, logical reasoning and verbal reasoning. Click on the topic on which you are going to comment for. For example, if you are choosing arithmetic aptitude.

step 2

Step 3: Topics under the category of arithmetic aptitude will be like problems on trains, height and distance, simple interest, etc., For example if you are selecting problems on trains.

aptitude comments job step 3

Step 4: You will be displayed with questions and answers under the selected topic. You have to choose which question you are commenting on. Click the discussion forum under the question and answer.

aptitude comments job step 4

Step 5: Now a comment box will be displayed on which you have to type your comment related to the given question and answer.

aptitude comments job step 5

Step 6: After typing the comment, click on the submit option.

aptitude comments job step 6

Step 7: Once the comment is successfully submitted, you will receive a notification in the same page displaying as your comment submitted.

aptitude comments job step 7

Now you are done! You have to wait a while until we go through your posted comment and notify you whether it is rejected or approved.

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