Best Paying Data Entry Jobs That Pay Rs. 50000 A Month

Data entry work is not rocket science or complicated formulas to work.

The online data entry jobs are very easy to do from home online or offline with much flexibility.

This job has been very popular since we started using computers for our day to day tasks.

From the beginning, many big MNC companies have started outsourcing their clerical and their accounts works.

There are several ways to earn money from the internet, but not only the data entry jobs!!!

Data entry jobs are one of the topmost ways to make reasonable money on the internet.

These kinds of jobs are great for people who desire to work from the house but not much qualified.

This job is suitable for college students, housewives, retired person or just someone looking for more income.

Data entry jobs are very distinct, and the worker requires to specialize in one given domain.

After reading this post, you will get to know various types of data entry jobs being offered by

Can I Get Online Data Entry Jobs at Home?

To answer your question in short- YES !! Are you curious about it right?

There are tons of data entry jobs are available in India and you can easily earn money without investment.

After the invention of the internet, many companies started recruiting remote data entry operators.

You will get a job for sure based on your skillsets and your talent towards the subject.

A lot of companies like to outsource their office work specifically because of how time-consuming the task is.

Being a rapidly growing organization, they are constantly on the lookout for skilled talent.

These jobs are kind of a typing job that includes converting any data into words by typing through the keyboard etc.

The data is available in various digital formats such as audio, video, image, etc.

All the data should be converted into digital form in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Web-based system, etc for a certain need.

This is the primary reason why still there is a need for data entry operators in many MNC companies.

You can earn a quite decent income by working from anywhere at your own home or other places of your convenience.

You will be paid based on the number of hours of work or depend on the total number of pages in the project.

This job is perfectly suitable for people with fewer qualifications and fewer skills and those who expect to work from home.

If you think you have the right skills and mindset for the job, feel free to get in touch with our website and we can take it forward.

Are Home Based Data Entry Jobs Are Genuine?

It is a common doubt almost all people have when trying to work on something like data entry from home.

Yes, it is genuine, but be careful in finding the right job, the right company, and ask for the details of the work, pay, work time, etc.

Do research on Google, ask for previous employee feedback, previous payments, etc. to understand even better about the job.

Warning: Do not get attracted to magical advertisements like the below ones.

  • Data Entry Jobs available from Home, Earn Rs.5000 per project.

This is one of the common techniques being used by many people or organizations to attract more people.

But they don't have a real job and ask for the investment. Be aware of these kinds of scams and say No.

For a lot of students and moms looking for work from home jobs, their lack of skills is the biggest obstacle to apply for the job.

Most genuine online jobs require some amount of skill in a specific field such as writing jobs from home.

There are also many options for second career options for women, jobs for 40 years olds and jobs for women over 50.

At, we have multiple data entry opportunities for all people of various skill sets.

  • As a college student, you can earn your pocket money, college fees, and other expenses by working in our online jobs.
  • Housewives can spend their free time to work in our data entry role and earn a decent secondary monthly revenue.
  • Even, we have opportunities for job seekers, retired people who are searching for genuine home based data entry work.

How Much Money Can I Make From Data Entry?

Some people ask how much can I earn when I start my career as a Data Entry operator?

  • Can I make $100 per day?
  • Does it possible to earn this much money?

One of the best things about data entry jobs from home is the flexibility to work wherever you want.

Do not worry about specific skills or much talent because even people with basic skills can earn a decent income.

It is a great career for the people who want to make easy money from home in their free time

Register as a free member with and start working from your Internet-enabled smartphone.

You can earn a maximum of Rs. 150 per data entry task that you complete in our job portal.

For example, if you take a recipe writing job, you will earn Rs.50 per qualified recipe.

College students can take aptitude solving, GK quizzes to earn Rs. 5 to Rs. 25 per task.

Job seekers can do questions and answer jobs, write quotes, commenting on the recipes and earn Rs. 30 per task.

On average, every person who joins our company can earn at least Rs.500 per day without investment.

14 Genuine Data Entry Jobs from Home?

1. Aptitude Data Entry Work

Data Entry jobs are becoming a high searchable job by most of the people who are looking for part-time jobs.

Though data entry jobs require less skill, few companies follow a protocol of testing their operators.

Data Entry primarily works in the position of transcribing the data into the computer.

To become a high earning data entry operator you should be able to type at least 75 WPM.

The company will provide the data in the image format, or video or audio and we need to convert into digital data.

People who search for data entry jobs in a company should have to complete an Online data entry aptitude test.

There are multiple job opportunities are available for data entry operators, data entry typists in MNC companies.

Some of the notable companies are Microsoft, Oracle used to conduct this test to hire employees.

Our company provides a platform for people to learn to solve aptitude and make money.

Become a free member of our job portal and start working as a data entry operator to solve aptitude questions.

You will earn anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.20000 per month working as a data entry typist.

  • Skill Level: Easy to Medium
  • Earning Potential: Rs. 1 to Rs.3 per aptitude
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm

2. Writing Quotes and Wishes

Quotes writing job is the easiest and cheerful part-time job for creative people.

And also, this is one of the unique opportunities for part-time job seekers, college students, and housewives.

Many among us, get help from Mr.Google if we want to express our emotions like happy, love, sad, excited, etc.

It became a fashion now, to post quotes and wishes on social platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. unearthed the wide opportunity in this industry to provide home-based data entry work.

So here is a chance for you to express your imagination and uniqueness by writing wishes and quotes for our online portal.

If you are expertise in writing motivational and inspirational quotes, you can easily earn Rs.5 to Rs.10 for each quote.

Even we accept quote images and wishes images from people who are having talents in graphic designing. is allowing people to write wishes for a birthday, good morning, good night, and many more.

You will earn anywhere between Rs.5 to Rs.10 per quote working as a wish and quote writer with our company.

  • Skill Level: Writing skills, Expertise in writing motivational and inspirational quotes
  • Earning Potential: Rs.5 to Rs.10 per aptitude
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm

3. Recipe Writing Jobs

Cooking is an art that you can never acquire it even in your dreams. Many people are fond of cooking.

People like, the newly married women to a bachelor man, most of us struggling without knowing, cooking of tasty food recipes.

If you’re passionate about cooking food, you can utilize this opportunity to earn money in your free time from your home.

Our company is paying money to the people who share recipes which are prepared on their own.

We are ready to pay up to Rs.50 per qualified recipes submitted on our portal by our members.

It's very easy and free to become a member of the

You have to create an account with our website to get your own account dashboard and start posting recipes.

We have a dedicated panel that lets you through the procedure to share your recipe.
You will be provided with the login, where you have to share step by step information.

Knowing all your talents and hard work, is giving you a chance to earn money with the recipes you are expertise in.

You can be so creative to write the recipe content and being paid around 50 rupees for each recipe.

Who may know that you can be a great chef in the future ….!

  • Skill Level: Easy to Medium
  • Earning Potential: up to Rs.50 per recipe
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm
  • 4. Marathi Language Translation Jobs

Our country India is also known for multi-religion and multi-cultural inhabitants being habituated across the country.

But since, most of the websites are in the English language, it's becoming difficult for the people who don't understand English.

Hence, we have planned to create a universal job opportunity for the people who know language translation.

Marathi Translation Jobs is one of its kind that lets people earn some money by doing language data typing work.

In this job, you have to type the data we provide in the English language into the Marathi language.

Students, Housewives who know this language well can able to acquire this job from

We pay up to Rs.10 per task in this data entry job and you can take any number of available tasks.

For example, you have to convert English Aptitude into Marathi aptitude, and similar for other available data typing jobs.

This kind of data entry is most suitable for students who are doing their literature studies.

Also, language scholars can take this data entry work from home and start making a great revenue monthly.

We pay a maximum of Rs. 10 which depends on the task available in your dashboard.

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Earning Potential: up to Rs.10 per task
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm

5. Answer GK Questions

GK Knowledge is necessary and an important procedure being followed on interview exams in every major industry.

Our company offer Data Entry Work in GK question and answering for all people to earn some additional revenue.

General Knowledge is important for every people who wish to create a great career for their future.

There is a large amount of information in general knowledge is required by many companies across the world.

College students have to prepare for GK quizzes to get selected in their interview process.

If you are preparing for entrance exams or for any government exams, GK is therefore very essential.

This is the first stage of your exam that determines your ability to pass the exam successfully. has multiple openings for various data entry jobs for all people.

Solve data entry mock test, data entry quizzes in your free time by logging into our portal and make money.

We will pay you Rs.2 to Rs.10 for every GK questions and GK quiz available in our portal.

Joining our portal is very easy, just complete the simple registration form and become a free member today.

  • Skill Level: Easy to Medium
  • Earning Potential: up to Rs.10 per task
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm

6. Hindi Language Translation Jobs

It is the only language that has absolutely no competition from any other language in India or the world.

The largest number of people in the Indian subcontinent are speaking in Hindi as it’s considered as a national language.

Most of the people are Hindi language lover and It is spoken almost in 10 different states in India.

If your a Hindi language expert specializes in typing jobs you can make use of this excellent opportunity.

Our company providing the option for you to start your greatest career to earn money.

However, its an open platform for everyone to enroll as a free member and earn a second income.

We are giving the options to translate the recipe writing blogs, aptitude questions, GK questions, and quizzes, etc.

Housewives, home moms, the retired people who are staying at home can able to do this job and earn money for their expenditure.

Students who are studying their hotel management course with Hindi specialization are easily able to translate food recipes in Hindi.

You ill be paid around anywhere between Rs.5 to Rs.6 for each translation in our blog. Please do make you of this and all the best!

  • Skill Level: Easy to Medium
  • Earning Potential: Rs.5 to Rs.6 per task
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm

7. Tamil Language Translation Jobs

Tamil is a language that originated before the rocks and earth were formed.
There are nearly 1 lakh inscriptions available in India, in that 55% are in the Tamil language.

Many people are predominantly speaking all over the world because it’s one of the oldest languages.

If your good at Tamil literature? Do you want to earn some extra decent money?

Are you aware of the huge demand of the Tamil language? and its translation?

Then let me introduce a great opportunity for you to generate decent revenue by doing Tamil translation jobs.

This is the best career path for you and you can earn money by translating the content available in our various online portal into Tamil.

Now, Are you curious about our website right? Do you want to work with us and earn money?

Lets put a full stop to this curiosity !! it is our company provides the option for data entry work from home to fill your pocket.

Enroll yourself as a free member and start working with us to make some extra income.

We are offering jobs like Recipe writing translation, aptitude question translation, current affairs in Tamil language translation, etc.

You will be get paid between Rs.10 to Rs.25 for you each Tamil translation job and it will be credited your account.

  • Skill Level: Easy to Medium
  • Earning Potential: Rs.10 to Rs.25 per task
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm

8.Current Affairs Jobs

Current affairs are things that have an answer that change according to the time when it is asked.

Current affairs cover topics like national, international, sports, business, education, science and various other important news.

Therefore, reading current affairs and making it a daily habit will be much more useful to know about many things in the world.

Do you want to grow and improve your Knowledge ? as well as earn money?

Our company is offering the opportunity to the students, housewives, retired, etc to earn money.

If your good at typing and basic communication English, it is easy for you to fill your pocket quickly.

Our is one of the largest open platforms and openly share the knowable to everyone across the world.

It is a dual benefit for you to gain knowledge and earn some dents money for your future.

You can make use of this as your second income and save money in your account.

Are you interested in saving money for the future? Do you want to start working today?
Join our company as a free member and we will be providing the separate dashboard for you to work.

You will be paid anywhere up to Rs.5 to Rs.7 for you each current affairs question and answer submission.

  • Skill Level: Easy to Medium
  • Earning Potential: Rs.5 to Rs.7 per task
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm

9. Recipe Rating Jobs

Are you the one always hanging upon your mobile? Do you use your mobile for many hours?

I hope, the answer to this question is yes! most of the students, housewives, etc are always be attached to social media.

Do you want to use that free time to earn money? Do you want to start today?

Our company is offering the option of using your free time and earn some decent money.

We also know that success doesn’t stop at our four walls hence we are enhancing the flexibility of work.

We are a caring company that looks beyond our business to ensure we support the people and communities around us.

How do we sound so far? Check out some of our openings on our web site and join as a free member.

You just have to rate the recipes in your free or leisure time and earn money as much as you can!

You will be paid around Rs.4 to Rs.6 for each valuable and genuine recipe rating in our blog.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful thing!

  • Skill Level: Easy to Medium
  • Earning Potential: Rs.5 to Rs.7 per task
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm

10.Malayali Language Translation Jobs

Malayalam is a little bit difficult compared to other south Indian languages and the hard part is tough to learn.

There are 56 letters in the Malayalam alphabet, one among the largest alphabet system in the country.

While some languages are easier to learn than other languages but Malayali is a difficult language to learn.

According to Google, Malayalam is one of the most difficult Indian languages to pick up.

Hence the demand for translation of the Malayalam is also increasing day by day in the county.

Are you a native speaker of Malayali? Are you good at data typing? then you can easily earn some decent money by sitting at home.

This is one of the best opppotunity for students, housewives, home moms, etc to work from home and earn money for their expenses. is providing the option of translating the English language into a Malayali language.

Depending on your interest and typing skills, you can choose the best suitable job for you in our company.

If you have an internet connection and computer you can make money online and location does not matter.

You will be paid around anywhere between Rs.5 to Rs.8 for each Malayali language translation.

  • Skill Level: Easy to Medium
  • Earning Potential: Rs.5 to Rs.8 per task
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm

11.Telugu Language Translation Jobs

Any translation job is in demand over the globe and it has own booming way.

Telegu is the fastest growing language in the USA according to a recently published report.

Telugu is the 3rd most spoken language in India and ranks 16th across the world, there are 75–80 million native speakers,

It has been widely acclaimed since the ages of natives as well as foreigners.

You have a wide scope of getting a lot of jobs related to transcription or translation of the Telugu language.

If you good and has a grip in a language, Then you can easily earn money by typing in our blog.

Our company is giving an opportunity to all the job seekers in our open platform.

We have openings in various sector and we are giving the option up to you to choose

your career and earn some income.

And also, We have wide translation openings such as recipe writing, recipe rating, GK quiz translation, etc.

You just go through our website portal, log in yourself and join as a free member to earn some extra income for your family.

You will be rewarded anywhere between around Rs.7 to Rs.8 for each translation job in our portal.

  • Skill Level: Easy to Medium
  • Earning Potential: Rs.5 to Rs.8 per task
  • Payout: Daily via PayTm

12. Create a Question

Generally, if we need to find anything, we usually go to and use their search engine.

We will type our question in which we seek an answer or a solution for which Google will retrieve an answer. understands this protocol and come up with a job opportunity.

As a common people, you can take this data entry questioning work and make great revenue from your home.

College students, housewives, stay at home moms, job seekers can spend their free time with our portal.

Become a member today by registering a free account with our portal and start doing this data entry questioning job.

For each question, you will get paid from Rs.1 to Rs.5 if your question to relevant industry founds to be genuine and original.

We have this data entry questioning work for people from all industries including engineering, manufacturing, etc.

Engineering students having unanswered questions can join our portal to find an answer as well as earn some pocket money.

Even housewives can ask cooking-related questions and many people are there to answer your question.

The highlight of our program is we pay for every people who ask a question and answer a question.

13. Recipe comment

Another data entry work from home that offering is Recipe commenting.

We have a dedicated online portal for food lovers where we publish quality and delicious recipes for the people.

As a member of your, we will give you a chance to earn by commenting on those recipes.

This data entry commenting work is suitable for all people from relevant industries.

The job is very simple, just you have to register a free account with our portal and become a member now.

Then log in to our portal and find the available recipe commenting work. We have listed the recipes that require comments.

You have to try the recipe as per the instruction and finally have to share your experience in the comment section.

For every valuable and useful comment, your place in our portal will earn up to Rs.5 per comment.

There are no maximum limitations to earn per day and therefore you can earn more than Rs. 20000 per month.

By joining our portal as a member, there are many other data entry jobs are available including recipe commenting job.

14. Answer the question

In the previous section of this article, we have represented a job called data entry questioning job.

In this job, a registered user can ask a question in his/her related field in view of looking for a genuine answer.

We have included almost every industry including engineering, arts, science, politics, current affairs, cooking, etc.

Go through those questions asked and if you think you can answer, then you will be get paid for your time spent.

Yes, register a free account to join our portal and start answering those questions to make money in your free time.

This small data entry answering jobs will let you earn up to Rs.5 per answer if found to be genuine and true.

There is no limit to answering the questions every day and therefore it's possible to earn more than Rs.20000 a month.

If you have a smartphone, you can able to work in this data entry answering job and earn some revenue for your expenses.

All your earnings will be accumulated until you reach the payout threshold and you can withdraw your payout anytime.

This job is highly suitable for students, IT employees, researchers, teachers, professors, and other professional people.

Join today without any investment and using your Gmail ID to start earning some decent revenue.


There is no doubt that a data entry job is one of the most simple opportunities for extra income.

People can work offline and online data entry jobs and earn $200 to $1000 per month with our company.

Your income depends on the type of data entry work, the time you spent, your qualification, your typing speed, etc.

The Internet lets you find a job around the world even sitting in a remote place and work easily without any effort.

Today, Most people are always looking for a part-time secondary source of income to support their financial well-being.

The truth is full-time jobs are so hectic that we can hardly find any time for any other work.

But there are actually a few opportunities available on the web that are totally worth your time and help you earn a side income.

The best thing about online data entry jobs from is you can do a lot of work in a very short time.

It doesn’t consume too much brain power either because you don’t have to think too much.

There is a huge opportunity for data entry operators in this sector as well.

Hope !! You can find the available online data entry jobs in this article and earn money. all the best!


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