Online & Offline Part Time Jobs In Delhi For Fresher's And Experienced

There are many job opportunities available in Delhi for even freshers. To find the perfect job, knowledge about the city is a must for both office jobs and online jobs.

Adding like a cherry in the ice cream, Delhi, the capital city of India also provides various jobs in multiple sectors.

The primary fields of work at Delhi include IT companies, finance sectors, telecommunication industries, trade centres, tourism and media.

As like other top cities, Delhi has also its own power in improving the lifestyle of people with various job options.

Probability in finding online jobs at Delhi

Not only for office jobs, Delhi is also a place of online job opportunities too. There are various offline and online job providers available in Delhi.

Finding the legit job may be a big challenge, though there are various legit websites which will offer you a splendid opportunity to each at home. Not only for degree holders, there are even part time jobs for people who pass 12th.

We at are providing excellent work from home job opportunities for housewives, students, and retired persons to make their leisure time a useful one.

We are providing you a platform to improve your knowledge as well as to make your free time valid by earning decently. Yes! Once you enter our website, you will definitely be capable of paying your own bills without depending on others.

Part time jobs in Delhi for students

Delhi is a place where many educational institutions are there. Students from all over India, prefer to enter Delhi for their higher education. There are many students who really want to make money on their own.

To start working from home, a computer or a mobile phone with internet connection is the only need. And it became a basic necessity and so easily available for everyone. To know more about where to start your work, you can check by clicking here. There are also many part time jobs in Delhi without investment.

Due to their hectic schedule and pressure in their studies, they are not able to search and find a job. It will be really helpful for the students if they find an online job which they can work from their own space. They can save their travelling time and utilize it in a proper way of balancing their education and work.

When we speak about part time jobs, the biggest fear that hits us is whether the site will pay us or not. And how to find it is legit? Before entering into any job, always try to google as many details as possible as you can. Search for the job website and go through it. A website is not only enough to describe the job nature, but it will definitely give a spark to analyse.

Different kinds of job options for students

In today’s world online shopping became a trend and Delhi is not apart from that. So swiggy, zomato, uber and so kind of jobs are now helping many students and part time job seekers to fulfill their money needs.

We at provide various jobs for students which are designed for them to improve their knowledge as well to earn easily. Few of them are,

  • Aptitude based question and answer posting job
  • General Knowledge question and answer posting job
  • Translation jobs (Hindi)

The above 3 jobs are the most preferred jobs in which we have the most number of students registered to work on it. Let me give you some details on each job to get common clarifications.

Aptitude based question and answer posting job at

The term aptitude decides the natural ability or skill of a person. In many of the government and non government sectors, the interviewers always prefer choosing a set of questions from aptitude.

Aptitude has many parts in it. We call it an aptitude test, but there are many sub branches in it. For a person to handle aptitude, he must have at least a minimum experience over the subject. Must know the basic terms and the format of the questions.

It is typically easy for students who have a technical view and ability of handling indirect questions. However this job is very interesting and easy if you really have an interest in solving aptitude questions. Without any second thought you can register for this job here.

We at have different types in aptitude based jobs.

They are

  • You can answer for a given aptitude question.
  • You can create a question and answer on your own.
  • So it is completely your choice to perform the job that you need.

General Knowledge question and answer posting job at

I don’t have to explain what this job means as everyone knows what is general knowledge. It may be anything like historical events, dates, years, ancient monuments, current affairs of any country, political topics are whatever in general, comes under this job.

Students who read newspapers and who have a good knowledge and understanding in current affairs can choose this job. As it will improve your own knowledge and also pays you off.

As like aptitude, this job also has two options

You can answer for an existing GK question.

You can create a question and answer of your own choice.

Translation jobs(Hindi) at

For literature students, translation is an excellent job option. We have translation jobs in different languages, but this article is all about Delhi, and so we are glad in recommending you for translation jobs in Hindi. And so you can do this part time job in Delhi at home.

No other knowledge is a must for this job, except the knowledge of the desired language. You must be capable of writing the language without any grammatical and spelling errors. One single word mistake may change the meaning completely, so you must be careful in writing the content.

So if you are a person who knows Hindi well, choose this job blindly and trust it will pay you off so good. To register for the job and to know more details click here. To know details about other language translations please click here.

Part time data entry jobs in Delhi

Data entry jobs are nothing but feeding data of a certain company on the computer. It may contain some confidential information at times. The worker must follow the rules given by the employer once they take the job. The data that you enter can be in the form of alphabet, number or symbol.

It is one of the best job options to earn good income, but unfortunately, there are many scam websites which provide data entry jobs that cheat people by getting high registration fees and also by not paying for them once they finish the work.

Data entry jobs are one of the most searchable jobs in Delhi. There are many trustworthy websites providing data entry jobs. We at provide you with data entry jobs. You can register here and start to work on your dream job.

Jobs that you can do only in the evening

It is a common question, every student and even working people asks for an extra income. So when you have a busy schedule that occupies almost 8 to 10 hours a day, then you must search for a part time job in Delhi in the evening.

There are many restaurants and hotels that offer evening jobs. Many students are finding jobs in restaurants and shops to fulfill their money needs.

Tutoring Jobs

There are also tutoring jobs available for students both online and in offline options. Tutoring will help you in improving your own skills as well as it will give some extra fun in studies.

You can also search for some part time jobs in Delhi for saturday and sundays. As the evening jobs will leave you weekend boring, so you can choose some online jobs for these days.

You can invest your saturday and sundays in captcha entry jobs on our website as it will make your leisure time more beneficial.

And if you are a food lover and looking for a part time job for freshers, we have two job options for you, that is:

Commenting on Recipes

Rating the Recipes

Captcha Entry Jobs

Captcha entry is like solving puzzles. So if you are interested in solving puzzles, then you can choose this job. The captchas may be symbols, numbers or images.

To start working in captcha entry at, enroll using this link. Click here.

Commenting on Recipes at

It is the easiest job ever. We have multiple recipes posted on our recipes page, proudly by our employees. And your work here is just to click on your favourite recipe and post your comment on it. Positive comments will definitely encourage our employees to post more.

For posting comments, click here and register.

Rating the Recipes at

It is something similar to the commenting job. Here you have to choose your favourite recipe and click on the stars to give ratings.

For rating the recipes job, click here and start earning today.

Part time jobs for housewives in Delhi

What is much better than earning some extra money by staying at home as a perfect housewife? I am so glad to give some ideas for part time jobs in Delhi online and also would love to give some other ideas as well.

As a housewife, in between all the work stress and pressures, every woman must have some self time. That too earning for self needs is a must as it increases the self confidence a lot. You can form your career by starting your own businesses.

Babysitting job

You can start a babysitting job if you are fond of babies. Before starting the job, there are many legal procedures to be done. You also have to prepare yourself mentally to get involved in the job.

Share marketing

Share marketing is also another option for part time job seeking housewives. You must have some knowledge about shares and stocks and you will go long in it.

Though it is a quite risky investment. If you don’t have an interest in taking risks, then you can choose something that defines your passion.

For most of housewives, cooking is a real passion. By understanding the needs and troubles, we at, have designed many job variations for housewives. One among them is a Recipe Writing job.

Recipe Writing Job at

Every one of you must cook at least 3 meals a day. So the thing is while cooking, just take pictures of each step you are doing and post it in our recipe page along with a clear description for each picture you are posting.

We expect the pictures to be in good quality and each step to be written in a neat manner, and so everyone will benefit from your recipe.

The recipe may be of any cuisine, curry varieties, rice varieties, snacks, juices, or anything of your choice. Just cook the best for us.

We have recipe writing forums, where you can post your innovative recipes. The first thing is to enroll yourself in our website. To do the registration please click here.

Different job options in Delhi

Delhi is one of the best cities to provide the best jobs in multiple industries. No matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, Delhi is a place to change your working careers. Many people are doing part time jobs in Delhi at night shift.

If you are already on a night shift job, then you can find part time jobs that you can work in the mornings.

Starting career as a Driver in Delhi

And here I have to clarify to you, as Delhi is not only a place for educated people. There are many illiterate people who are earning decently in Delhi. As Delhi is a place of tourist attraction, there are people who use taxis, auto rickshaws and so on.

Hence the drivers have their work, almost 7 days a week and they choose their shift of working as per their own needs. So if you have skills in driving and have a valid driving license then you can follow the procedures to start your driving job here.

Food business in Delhi

There are many street food shops and hotels which you can see in the lanes of Delhi, which is one one of the biggest earning platforms for the food sellers.

There is a craving for both authentic foods and continental foods. So, if you are passionate about cooking, then you can definitely start your food business over here with proper investment.

Career as a tourist guide

Since Delhi is a tourist attraction, the city will be busy throughout the year receiving guests from all around the world. To start your earning as a tourist guide, you must have the knowledge about each corner of the city and about the monuments and places of attraction.

Patience and knowledge about the local language and also fluency in English will make this job your profession.

Starting a textile business

You can also find many textile shops, some are as big as malls and some are like street side shops. But the sale is always at peak as many tourists visit Delhi from all over the world and they love to purchase cultural and traditional clothes from there.

You can start your business with a low budget and make it as big once you get experience in it.


Delhi is not only the capital city of India, but also a career development platform for people from various places. For the people of Delhi, there are many MNC companies and IT companies offering many job opportunities.

When coming to part time jobs, We at, provide various job options for people in Delhi with immense pleasure. We did not care much about your educational qualifications and experience. We trust your skills and respect your interest in choosing us.

For people in Delhi, we provide jobs in different fields. If you are on a literature basis, choose our translation jobs. If you are a college student and looking for some extra income choose, aptitude based question and answer or general knowledge based question and answer jobs.

If you are a housewife, you can choose the recipe posting job. And if you want a job to do only in the evening leisure time, then you can enroll for a recipe commenting or recipe ratings job.

So yes, on our website, you can obviously find any job that fits you in a perfect way.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are some part time jobs for students in Delhi?When it comes to part time jobs for students, they prefer working in evening times and on weekends. So students can find jobs in restaurants and also from active evening shops. They can also find online jobs like aptitude based Q&A and GK based Q&A from trusted websites like
2. Where can I find (work at home) data entry jobs in Delhi?To find part time work at home jobs in New Delhi, there are many trusted websites that provide data entry jobs.,, and are some of the trusted part time job providing sites. Not only data entry jobs, these websites contain various job options too.
3.Do data entry jobs really pay 15000 INR per month?Data entry jobs are a great choice for freelancers to earn decently. But there is also a negative side, where you can be easily tricked by fraudulent websites. Once you find the legit website, the time investment and your hardwork will definitely pay off a decent amount. It can be 15000 INR or even more.
4.What are the best options for work from home in New Delhi?Tutoring and babysitting are few best options for work from home in New Delhi. You can also start a food business or cloth selling business at your home with less investment. If you prefer working online, then again there are a lot of legit websites that provide you with a decent income.
5.Are there any weekend part time jobs/work in Delhi?Yes, there are many weekend part time jobs/work in Delhi. If you prefer online job options, there are jobs like recipe writing, captcha entry jobs and many. You can find many job options at from where you can work without any targets.

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