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Ratings Job is one of the best online work that gives people an easy income opportunity working from home.

Here, you can work from your computer or even mobile phone.

If you work 2 to 4 hours daily then you can earn between Rs.2000 to Rs.5,000 per month depending on how fast you work.

Netjobsall.com welcomes people to start doing Rating job available on our online website.


Basic Internet Knowledge is enough.

No Minimum amount of work to be done in a day

Work Anytime, Anywhere.

Get Paid Daily by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Paytm.

Job Price

Rates depend on the work type and accuracy level. we are ready to pay the best in the market for the same to you. Minimum You can earn Rs.0.10 per job. You post job mostly in 3-5 minutes. Daily you can post 150 jobs per day.

Expected per month earning

Suppose you start a Rating job with a rate of Rs.0.10 per job. If you typed 500 jobs per day then the daily calculated income is Rs.50. On average in 25 days you can make Rs.2000 with a Rating job.

Sometimes you post other jobs you will earn up to Rs.2000 minimum.

So Approximately you will earn up to Rs.5000 per month.

Note: You must be involved with our work dedicatedly and repeatedly.


Basic knowledge in English and minimum typing speed and knowledge in surfing the internet is enough for doing our job.


You will be paid directly by our company. Once you reach the threshold limit of Rs.2500, receive your earning by GPay, Cheque, or Online Money Transfer.

Payments are made to you within 5 days from you requested. If your earning does not cross threshold point in a particular month in that condition your payment will carry on to next payment cycle.

Recipe Rating Job

One of the great and simplest opportunities from Our Netjobsall.com is recipe rating.

You can access this portal anywhere even in your smartphone and earn money in your free time.

Make use of your free time to rate ratings that are available in our portal and fill our pocket.

You will be paid around Rs.0.10 for your valuable ratings in our portal.

Description Particulars
Job Nature Rating Job
Job Type Part-time / Full-time
Earnings Rs.0.10 per job
Salary Up to Rs.3000 Per Month
Location Work from home
Working Hours 1 - 3 hours
Skills Required Basic Internet Knowledge
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