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The article evaluates the important key points and requirements about the data entry jobs. These data entry jobs are being defined as the work wherein there is an input of data or the information. The data is being stored by using various types of devices such as computers, laptops, and other devices. Though data entry itself is a term that includes various sets of jobs as typists, word processors, coders, clerks and various other. However, data entry jobs can be done from remote locations and are quite different from one done in an office. In addition to this, data entry jobs do not have high crimps to entry, also there has been no strict training for the same. Also, working on these data entry projects requires a good vision as working on the system is required for long hours. Working as a data requires to require to be more focused for long hours without comprising in terms of quality and accuracy of the deliverables. This sort of work goes well for the people who are looking for frequent work from home opportunities. Data entry jobs are most challenging jobs wherein there has been a steady work in the process. These jobs are available offline as well as online keeping in mind the need for jobs to employees. Various opportunities that come under data entry allows the operator/clerk to work from home/office.


Although data entry jobs are always been in demand ever. However, it is always important to note that the operators working on projects should possess the best possible skills that are required for being a data entry operator. Having a skilled data entry operator increases the burdens related to administration, cost-cutting and managing the resources wherever required. Going further, there is some sort of specific skills that makes the data entry operator eligible for the same:

Software Knowledge

It is always important that every operator should be well-informed by the basic software that includes Microsoft word, excel, power-point, and other record managing software. Knowledge of financial and statistical information using a mouse, keyboard and other devices is a must.

Good communications and writing skills

As the data entry work allows the operator to work both outside and within the team so having a good communication skill is the second most important skill. Therefore, the data entry operator needs to be good in verbal as well as written communication. These skills are being under consideration while the projects are being outsourced to various operators or companies.

 Requires fast typing speed

Working on data entry projects it is required to have an exceptional typing speed as they will have to enter huge amount of data in a very short period. The operator should be familiar with the usage of keyboard, mouse, scanners etc. Having a speed of 30-40 words per minute makes the data entry clerks eligible for the projects.


Data entry jobs are set to be repetitive jobs and operators/clerks need to spend a handsome amount of time on the same task. Wherein, it is required to have a high level of concentration and attentiveness for the task being performed. Absence of this would, unfortunately, lead to poor quality results and salaries being deducted.

Good typing skills

Together with a good typing speed, it is important to know that accurate typing skills. Since data entry work includes various medical codes, personal contact information, personal data which must be accurately typed. As a result, it is always required to have a fast typing speed with accuracy in the work.


Although, there are no specific or fixed criteria in order to work as a data entry operator. There is no license and certificates required to be a data entry operator. Data entry operator is always requiring having an experience of performing the task within the required time period and with the accuracy. They must be able to use fax machines, copiers, and other devices that are required for the same. In order to seek education related to data entry jobs, this includes programs that are mentioned below:

  • Word processing- data entry operators required to be more efficient in terms of using Microsoft word, excel and other offline software’s this can, however, be learned through various education institutes that offer the word processing courses with the ease of understanding this software properly.
  • Managing office- Another requirement that comes under consideration is the study that can be done related to managing the office. Data entry operator should be well-versed with the skill of managing administration in the best possible manner.
  • Computer calculations- Data entry operator should seek knowledge of the calculations that are being done online and offline.
  • Administrative education- Administrative education is being provided by various colleges/institutes in order to set the students with maximum salary structures. For a data entry operator, it is always important to have an administrative education in order to manage them on their own.
  • Communication courses- Data entry operators need to work with the team offline or online, in-office or outside. So, there is always a need for good communication skills in the operator. While applying as a data entry operator an education of the communication and skills are being required.

Hence, these are some of the programs that can be performed by the operator/clerk in order to be a good data entry operator. Wherein a set education Criteria is not required for this job, rest it depends on the requirement being carried out.


Job duties depend upon the level of experience. Freshers seeking data entry needs to be trained in such a manner that there should be no mistakes in terms of quality and accuracy. However, there can be no more expectations from someone being a fresher. Someone with more experience can easily handle the work with accuracy and interpret recorder information to the respective department. The work quality and accuracy depend upon the effect of experience the operator has. Having a vast experience is hence not required but it is always important to have a good amount of information for the job being offered in order to have the best results.

The effect of experience increases the opportunities for work at various levels. However, an experienced one can easily handle the work and can work with the set standards. This can be well explained below:

  • Can handle workload
  • Expected high accuracy level
  • Result accuracy
  • Less investment required
  • More efficient
  • Less time consuming

 The points explain the effects of experience on the work as compared to the work taken by a less or fresher operator. 


The salary if the data entry operator depends on the work being aligned. The process of salary is being calculated on various levels that include the status of the clerk, experience, the type of position, and at what speed the work can be done to do the job. However, data entry jobs generally offer humble wages with respect to the task being aligned. Companies offering high paid salaries for these data entry jobs are often the scammers. Also, various data entry jobs come with the contract period which allows one to work for1 year or more than that with the set amount of salaries.

Defining the salary of the data entry operator depends upon the work being handled by the operator/clerk. Also, most of the data entry job salary varies with the fact that they are being conducted in-house or in office. Salary of the operator varies depending upon the various factors, some of them can be explained below

  • Years of experience: Data entry operator salary could easily be defined based on the experience that they had. For example, an operator with experience of 10 years could not compare the salary with the operator having 1 year of experience. Wherein, operators with less experience could find themselves on the lower pay scale.
  • Education: The second-factor matches between the education of the operator which is being required for the job. The education makes the difference in the salary of the operator wherein earning from a top university/college somewhere increases salary.
  • Management skills: managing as many employees, work and stress as you can, could increase your level of getting higher pay. Managerial skills define the operator beat at the senior or the junior position but the way things are being managed defines the salary. 


Data entry pay structures define itself under various sorts of structures that include an hourly rate, per-piece payment, keystrokes per hour and keystrokes per minute. Salaries can also be paid pay monthly, quarterly or weekly depending upon the project the clerk/operator is handling. The pay structures also depend upon the type of opportunity the operator is handling whether in the office or outside. Pay structures are categorized based on the positions and the work the operator is handling. In order to pay more to the experienced and minimum wages to the person step up into the profile of an operator. Paying to the experienced does not imply that there would be no salaries for the operators with less experience. Although, they are also being paid minimum wages with the set standards.

Further, the salary of the data entry operator varies significantly depending upon various factors that are as follows:

  • Status: It is the choice to choose what to be! An employee or a self-contractor.
  • Pay rate structures: The salary structure depends on the difficulty of the job being handled or the skills required to complete the task
  • Speed: It says how fluent/fast in the operator in completing the work with accuracy and speed. 


Working from home on various data entry projects gives less salary as compared to working in the office for the same. This does not happen because the operators are not able to work no! it happens because mostly data entry jobs are being done by independent/self-contractors that are bound to work by minimum wage laws. Data entry jobs offer the chance to work from home with fewer pay rates as compared to the chance of working in the office with good amount of pay rates.

Working from home gives a relevant satisfaction to the contractor that the operators are working in the set standards, time and with the available resources given by the organization. Data entry jobs could be different for the operators working from home or working in an office which makes the difference in their salaries as well. But, although this has been found that the salaries of the data entry operators working from home are less as compared to the data entry operators working in an office.

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