What Is Data Entry Jobs

Remote or in-house, data entry jobs are plentiful.

Data entry is the inputting of data or information into the computer using peripherals such as a keyboard, scanner, disk, and voice. Also, data entry is where an employee inputs data into a computer from image formats such as jpg, png & so on or any other non-electronic forms of data.

Many online databases are fed data by employees while working for online data entry jobs and recruiters are looking for people with a good typing speed, say 80 words per minute.

A lot of data entry jobs are being outsourced from developed countries to less-developed ones, reason being that salaries in the Third World remain low.

All a candidate has to do is to make sure his typing and computer skills are up to the mark. Awareness of productivity-enhancing software is also a desirable attribute any candidate should strive for.

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  2. Functions
  3. How Data entry Job Works
  4. How Data Entry Pays
  5. Data Entry Scams
  6. Where to Find Legitimate Online Data Entry Work

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started in Online Data Entry

Data Entry is not employment in the traditional sense. However, several occupations are covered by the term, namely electronic data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders and clerks.

Recruiters are looking for people who can do the job, and submit assignments on time. Unlike in other jobs nobody is interested in your work history, or your qualification, there is not too much you are supposed to prove yourself. 

Your job will be incentivized, meaning you will rewarded for the correct amount of work submitted on time, and punished for being slow.

Companies these days are parsing out data entry into small tasks spread out all over a large workforce. A data entry operator has to keep the databases under his care up to date. Information is saved in a digitized format.

There are data entry jobs all over the place – whether it be Amazon employees entering orders, or hospital employees entering patient information into hospital information systems. Administrative personnel perform all sorts of data entry in all sorts of organizations.

Data Entry is processed by word processing or a specifically designated data entry software. In other words, a device with which you can input alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic letters is needed to carry out this job.

It pays well enough across situations and contexts.


Data Entry work does not require too high levels of skill. The candidate does not have to submit university education degrees to show his level of proficiency. All the companies are interested in, is the candidate’s typing speed, his ability to assess data quickly and efficiently, and his capacity to submit the assignment within deadlines. 

Data Entry jobs, especially data entry jobs without investment, data typing jobs, online data entry jobs, are all done on the keyboard. The typist may verify content, or another person in some other location may do so.

How Jobs Work

Data to be worked on may come from hand-written forms or audio files. Home-based online entry jobs may vary considerably from office jobs. Micro-worker involves small pieces of work for small wages. Only BPO employees may be expected to be paid an hourly rate.

Do not expect employment in the traditional sense. Increasingly, brick-and-mortar establishments hiring and keeping data entry workers will go on decreasing. This would simply be because of the possibility of recruiting massive numbers of freelancers via the internet.

Characteristics of working as a freelancer or independent contractor

  • Minimum wage laws do not cover you;
  • Often you will be paid a per-piece rate for an entire project, and not an hourly wage;
  • You yourself are responsible for your taxes;

Data Entry Jobs can be used to supplement income. If you are looking at Data Entry Jobs as a solution to your financial problems, you have to look elsewhere.

How Data Entry Pays

Data Entry jobs in India on an average make you richer by 1,60,000 rupees per year. That is not too much, but not too little either.

Since there are a lot of people who can claim to have good Data Entry skills, the income remains low. However, one can make a respectable income by taking on several assignments at a time.

There are actually a wide variety of companies offering interesting jobs. When you simply think of the different types of transcription jobs on the market, you will admit there is room for growth.

How the work pays works out differently for different groups – hourly, per piece, keystrokes per minute, keystrokes per hour, per audio minute, per word. This once again underlines the fact that your wage will be determined by your typing speed.

Data Entry Scams

Job scams posing as legitimate offers is nowadays a common problem.The most common are work-from-home job scams. Work-from-home Jobs are a favourite target of scammers. Such scams are easy to plan and execute.

If something is too good to be true, it most likely is. If you are promised a large salary for negligible amount of work, it isn’t happening.

Legitimate businesses generally have their own domain. If the company can be contacted only through free email accounts, be cautious. On their website, too, you should be able to find genuine information about what they are about. Incomplete or vague information, is a sure sign the company are scammers.

If the company offering data entry jobs is found in sponsored ads or Google ads, they are likely to be scammers. But you must ascertain this further. Google Ads can appear on any website – based only on keywords. The website owner has no control at all over them.

Companies claiming to pay very good salaries for data entry jobs on Google Ads are sure to be scamming. Scammers cast a wide net, hoping to find a number of victims out of the thousands who will be reading the ad. 

Where to Find Legitimate Online Data Entry Work

Although automation threatens online Data Entry work, there are still a lot of opportunities. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the ability to process new information fast. Naturally, your typing speed has to be respectable. 

Data Entry jobs are present online. You just have to have a good plan. One of the most popular work-from-home options is Data Entry. There are positions to help you supplement your income. Also, there are full-time positions.

Online Data Entry jobs test your ability to organize yourself. Data typing jobs, though they sound simple, also enable you to the same.

Finding a Work-from-Home job: You can begin working through freelance project websites. There are lots of Data Entry jobs available there. Sites with projects give you great exposure. You can underline the experience you gain while working on such projects. While looking for full-time positions, such experience will make you stand out.

Work for only reputable websites: Many scams lie in wait for incautious people looking at Data Entry online opportunities. You must ascertain whether the company is legitimate. You will be required to provide confidential info to such an employer. Better make sure they are worthy of your trust.

The following types of work can be classified as micro-work

  1. Copying and Pasting of text from one box to another on a different web-page.
  2. Editing and resizing of images before uploading them to a folder.
  3. Watching videos on Youtube.com and liking them.
  4. Following different types of accounts on Twitter.com
  5. Creating a new account on websites like Gmail.com
  6. Playing games by logging in with another users account.
  7. Bookmarking a webpage on dozens of social media websites.

Following websites provide online Data Entry work: www.microworkers.com,rapidworkers.com,shorttask.com,clickworker.com,minijobz.com.

To sum up, Data Entry jobs are a good and viable medium of income generation. How far you will go, will depend on how fast you can type. Other important factors would be your ability to complete tasks on time, not to mention fast assessment of new data.

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