What Is Job Status

Job status

Job status helps you in knowing the status of the job, you posted in Netjobsall.com 

Once you post your job, it will be in the status of pending, rejected or approved. You will receive payments only if the job you posted gets approved by us. 

To clarify all your doubts regarding job status, below we have explained it in detail. 

What is called pending job status?

In Netjobsall.com we have a set of people to check the job that you post. They will check the quality of the post and give approval or may be they reject it sometimes, for some basic reasons. 

Until they check your post, the job that you posted will be in pending status. Hence you have to wait a while to know your job result. 

What is called approved job status?

The job that you post in Netjobsall.com must satisfy us with the quality that we expect.

The very basic things that we expect are :

  1. There should not be any grammatical errors or spelling errors.
  2. The content should be meaningful
  3. It should not be copied from any other websites.

If your content has the above qualities, we will approve your job. Once, we give approval, your job status will be shown as approved. 

What is called rejected job status? 

Most of the time, we try not to reject anyone of your jobs. Because, we know the hard work and effort you are giving for us and we respect it.

But when we are not satisfied with the work that you post, without any option we have to reject it. So try not to make any mistakes and post us your job in a neat manner. 

Your job may be rejected for the following reasons:

  1. The content is not meaningful.
  2. If your content has grammar and spelling errors.
  3. Usage of capital letters and special characters at unwanted places.
  4. When the content is copied from other websites.

Give us your best to get rewarded from us. 


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    What is job status? - Job status helps in knowing the status of your job that you have posted in Netjobsall.com Your job may be pending, approved or rejected.