Genuine Work From Home Jobs That Pay Rs.30000 A Month


Many people think it would be much comfortable when working from home instead of traveling to the workplace every day.

There are many advantages that make people take some work at home opportunities rather than going for an office.

Working in our home is a great way to make some extra income without any extra efforts.

There are various part-time offline jobs as well as online jobs are available that can pay you additional revenue.

The majority of the people who are looking for part-time jobs want something that can be done from their home in their extra time.

When you do work in your home, you can enjoy your home luxury as well as be more productive in your work.

This, in turn, helps you to improve your credibility and get more opportunities in your future.

You earn choose the best suitable job for you and earn money without stepping out of the house.

A recent report from Freelancer Income states that nearly 15 million people are searching for home jobs every day.

Can I Get Genuine Work From Home Jobs?

A few decades back, it's usual that people after their studies have to go for an office job.

But, the improvements in technology and it's relevant industry have ushered a lot of legitimate jobs at home.

It's true and good to be true that people with any skill set can have an opportunity to earn from home.

The booming internet-based industry has led to a lot of potential online income opportunities for all levels of people.

People including housewives, college students, part-time job seekers, even school students can find a work from home job easily.

Because many companies found outsourcing their office work is the easiest way to complete the task within the limited budget.

If you are the one who is looking for an optional way to avoid commuting from 9 to 5-day jobs, work from home jobs is for you.

Really there are plenty of genuine jobs are available for the people to work from their home or any other remote place.

Even, in our, we offer a wide range of work at home jobs for all people across the world.

If you are the one, who is searching for a job from home, then our company will be your best option.

Join today as a free member just completing this form and start doing available work from home jobs.

We welcome all housewives, stay-at-home moms, college students, job goers to join our company and make money.

Are Work at Home Jobs are Genuine?

Even though there are many legitimate jobs from home opportunities, the scams still exist.

It's our responsibility to do proper research and land on the right work by avoiding the scam.

There are many different tactics being followed by the people to stay away from scammers.

Some of them are:

  • Do Proper Research about the company, their job, etc.
  • Ask for the references from the previous employees, and contacts if any.
  • Think twice before joining the company.

When it comes to finding work that can be done from home, many people are concerned about being scammed.

And for the reason, everyone is looking for legitimate work-from-home jobs, but there are approximately 60 to 70% of jobs are a scam.

Hence, for this reason, only, many people think it a tall task to identify scam from genuine jobs.

Our company, provides a safe, trusted way for people to find legitimate remote and flexible jobs.

You no need to worry about junk and scams, we will always provide a genuine and good job that suits to the seekers.

You can access anywhere comfortably and you can choose any place to work with plenty of flexible options.

We have made no restriction for all the jobs that makes it quite comfortable for the people to work from home and earn money.

Our company giving plenty of opportunities to people depending on their skill sets and qualification.

How Much Can I Make Working from Home?

This is another question that comes in our mind when searching for a job to work in our home.

Every people including me and you are searching for a job to earn money by the end of the day.

There was a time when working from home was a pipe dream and to difficulty.

Henceforth the irony of this article is to convey that you can work online and earn money.

We have multiple job opportunities for every job aspirants such as students, housewives, and retired people, etc.

Join now as a free member by choosing any of the aforementioned part-time jobs and start making money.

College life is pleasurable only if you have little commitments and more devotion towards studies.

Do not waste your memorable period just for money and take action today. Join us for Free.

An example, is allowing you to write aptitude based questions and answers for our website.

It is a dual benefit for you as you will get a chance to recall everything you know about your subject and also you will get paid.

You will get a reward of about 5 to 6 rupees for your question and answer session in the

Another Job is Recipe Writing Jobs which is mostly suitable for housewives, stay-at-home moms, and food lovers.

You can be so creative to write the recipe content and being paid around 50 rupees for each recipe.

Who may know that you can be a great chef in the future, and you can be a great aptitude solver of India?

Make use of this great opportunity and start to earn money without much effort.

14 Genuine Work From Home Jobs that Pay Today?

1. Aptitude Solving Jobs

Out of the many online jobs, aptitude solving is one of the rising opportunities worldwide.

In recent days, after the invention of the technologies, the education system found a new way.

Many colleges and universities are engaged in providing their own digital websites for their students.

The digitalization of our education system on another hand provides multiple job opportunities for people.

Many educated people are working for these digital portals to create digital aptitude questions and answers.

This can be helpful for these colleges and universities to create an e-learning portal for their students.

At, we provide work from home aptitude questions and answering jobs.

This job is suitable for housewives, college students and other people who are willing to work from home.

To take this job today, you have registered an account in our portal and become a member without paying anything.

We have nearly a million aptitude questions to solve and ask another million aptitude questions for other people.

You will be paid up to Rs.10 per aptitude question and answer that you are successfully completed.

Skill Level: Easy to Medium
Earning Potential: Rs. 1 to Rs.3 per aptitude
Payout: Daily via PayTm

2. Quotes and Wishes Writing

Most people who journal, keep a blog, or write as a hobby, don’t consider themselves writers.

Yet, there are lots of opportunities to work from home while getting paid for your writing.

If you want to work from home and you enjoy writing, you should take a deeper look into becoming a paid writer.

Still, Now most of the students in interviews say that a running list of their inspirational quotes.

And many people take the example of the motivational quote in their life-changing success.

If you can able to write well researched, thoughtful, unique content, that’s delivered on time, you can use this option as your second income source.

Our company is giving the flexibility of work and you can do research on it and start working from home.

When it comes to earning money as a writer, having an understanding of your target audience, being flexible is more important than your education or experience.

If you want to become a work-at-home writer, it’s important to practice daily, network with other writers as often as possible, and share your work.

You can earn anywhere between about 7 to 8 rupees for your wishes or quote writing session with our

Skill Level: Easy to Medium
Earning Potential: Rs. 1 to Rs.3 per aptitude
Payout: Daily via PayTm

3. Marathi Language Translation Job offers Marathi translation jobs for people to earn from their homes.

Many housewives, stay at home moms, who having fluency in their mother tongue are searching for jobs.

We offer this work from home jobs especially for the people who know translation work.
There are many different kinds of jobs are available such as recipe writing, recipe commenting, recipe rating work.

As a Marathi translator, you have to translate these jobs from English to Marathi for our published works.

We pay a maximum of Rs. 20 per task and your earnings are completely dependent on your efforts.

You can number of tasks per day to earn more money by working from your home in your free time.

We have various other jobs that are also available and to know, just complete the form to become a free member.

4. Hindi Translation Job

The total population of India is about 1200 million and 35 percent of people do speak Hindi as a native language.

Millions of people in Pakistan and Bangladesh too understand the language even if they don’t speak it.

So, we are looking for the right candidate to convey valuable content to those people from our blog.

Are you good at Hindi skills? You can able to transmit the message worldwide?

Your nothing to worry about it or don’t break your head !! Just follow the instructions and earn money.

Our company Eqyer Digital Marketing is searching for the right candidate like you and are you the one?

It is an open-source, open platform for everyone to acquire the knowledge as well as earn money.

You just have to do is, join as a free member and enroll your name and earn some quite decent income.

We are paying you money for your valuable time and effort towards our work.

Skill Level: Easy to Medium
Earning Potential: Rs. 1 to Rs.3 per aptitude
Payout: Daily via PayTm

5. Recipe Writing Work from Home

Are you interested in learning how to write a recipe? This skill is an art to come out with good recipe writing.

There are many reasons why becoming a good recipe writer can further your success and your career.

Some of the main reasons are clear, easy to follow, tailored to a specific audience, and well tested and work as promised really matters.

Though writing is an art, one that you can easily learn with a bit of education or no qualification.

Are you interested in getting paid to write recipes but your not sure where to start?

Here, I will be providing the piece of information which can make your life change in your career.

Enroll your name to our company and start making money by writing recipes today.

You can earn quite decent money with fewer efforts and a stressfree mind.

I highly recommend you to take this chance to step up your new career and earn money.

You can earn money anywhere between up to Rs.1000 to Rs.5000 every month in your account.

Skill Level: Easy to Medium
Earning Potential: Rs. 1 to Rs.3 per aptitude
Payout: Daily via PayTm

6. GK Question and Answering Job

Many people are still searching for various working from home opportunities and we have one best option.

Our company provides money-making opportunities in the GK Quiz Industry.

Educated Housewives, stay at home moms, recently passed out college students can take our GK quiz jobs.

By working from your home in your free time, you can able to earn some money as well as gain knowledge.

We provide double benefits for the people – earn money by doing work at home and gain subject knowledge. covers almost every industry and we have job offers for all people.

There are no specific skills are needed, basic internet knowledge and subject knowledge are all required to earn money.

Our company will pay Rs.2 to Rs.20 for every quiz answered successfully and you can accumulate your earnings.

We will release the earned income when you reach a minimum of Rs. 500 in your account.

Skill Level: Easy to Medium
Earning Potential: Rs. 1 to Rs.3 per aptitude
Payout: Daily via PayTm

7. Tamil Language Translation Jobs

Many people don't know that there is an online job availability in Tamil translation.
The Tamil language is considered one of the toughest languages and it's very hard to learn.

Hence it created a huge demand all over the world for the translation of the language.
if you want to become a translator in Tamil, then this information might be beneficial for you.

Do you know besides the huge demand of the Tamil language, this Indian language is one of the most difficult languages to learn?

If you are good at Tamil or Tamil as your native spoken language then you can easily earn money from online.

Then no need to worry, our company is providing an online job opportunity for you to fill your pocket.

We have multiple job openings for all the people such as housewives, home moms, college students, etc.

No need to worry about your qualifications or talent, we just require basic computer knowledge to earn money.

you will get paid at the end of each language translation work at the end of the day around Rs.4 to Rs.5 in your account.

Skill Level: Easy to Medium
Earning Potential: Rs. 4 to Rs.5 per aptitude
Payout: Daily via PayTm

8.Current Affairs Jobs

Current affairs are nothing but an event of political or social interest and importance happening in the world at the present time.

The two words current and affairs come together to give an interesting name to a subject of study in any of the fields.

Current means recent, day to day life and affairs means events, issues, etc, therefore current affairs are the day to day incidents and events around us.

These generally contain news, information, awareness and various other things that are happening in the world.

It plays an important role in the student's life as it will help the students at a crucial time when they want to study for the examinations.

Many students will not realize the importance of current affairs while preparing for competitive exams.

We are giving the best opportunity to the students, housewives and retired people for working with us.

It is a dual benefit for you to earn money as well as gain knowledge from the internet without any investment.

Our company is understanding the problem of the many for their necessity of money.

Hence we are giving an opportunity in various fields in our online platform to start your career online and earn money.

You will be get paid for sharing current affairs and asking a question or answering the event at the end of the day.

You will get a reward of around Rs.6 to Rs.10 for your valuable submission and your great efforts.

Skill Level: Easy to Medium
Earning Potential: Rs. 6 to Rs.10 per aptitude
Payout: Daily via PayTm

9.Recipe Rating Jobs

Another great opportunity for housewives and other people who search for work from home jobs is rating a recipe.

We have an established online portal for recipes where we publish at least 10 different recipes every day.

People are visiting our recipe portal to learn a new way of cooking delicious food and as well as sharing their own recipe as well.

It's a fact that people will be attracted to the recipes that get a higher rating from other people.

Recipe with more star ratings will be liked by most of the people and gets more interaction as well.

At, we welcome talents, home-made chefs (housewives, and food lovers) to rate our recipes.

We are providing an opportunity for these people to earn some money from their home by doing this recipe rating work from home jobs.

If you have a smartphone with an internet connection, then no need to worry about it, you can easily be able to earn money from online

The only thing is you just need to rate the recipes during your free time to support our growth and earn money for your requirements.

There are nearly 1000's of recipes in our portal that require quality rating from the experts and hence the job is endless.

Join our portal as a registered user and login with your credentials to start taking these rating jobs to work from your home.

It is a great source of information for people who are looking for online jobs to earn money.

You will be paid around Rs.5 to Rs.7 for your work and it will be credited to your account.

Skill Level: Easy to Medium
Earning Potential: Rs. 5 to Rs.7 per aptitude
Payout: Daily via PayTm

10.Malayali Language Translation Jobs

Malayalam is considered one of the toughest languages to learn and the fastest language to speak.

Hence the ost of the people are feeling difficulty to undr]erstand and convey the message in another language.

The native Malayali language speakers do speak around 100 words per minute, its wonder right!

Therefore the transition of the Malayali language is huge in this translation industry.

If you are good at your Malayali language you can easily finish the task and earn some decent revenue from online.

Our is providing the option of translating the English language into a Malayali language.

We are very open to the aspirants to work with us hence you can choose your best suitable job in our portal.

It is the best opportunity for the college students, housewives, home moms and retired people who know Malayali language and want to earn from online.

Join us for free now and start working in your separate dashboard with different job flexible options.

You will get rewarded around Rs.5 to rs.8 for each of your valuable Malayali language translation in our portal.

11.Telugu Language Translation Jobs

According to a study by an American think tank, the number of speakers of Telugu, a south Indian language, has grown by 86% in the last seven years.

It is mainly spoken in the south Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, they have a combined population of 84 million people.

It is the fourth most spoken language in India, according to the 2011 population census.

Most people are looking for a second income online to sustain their families and save money for the future.

If your good at Telugu language translation? Do you want to earn some extra decent money online?

We do have openings for the aspirants in our to earn money from online.

It is the best opportunity for college students, housewives, home moms to earn their extra income in their free time.

We have multiple openings for data translations such as recipe writing, recipe rating, Gk commenting, etc

You can make use of this offering and earn money anywhere between Rs 5 to rs.8 per translation in our portal.

Skill Level: Easy to Medium
Earning Potential: Rs. 1 to Rs.3 per aptitude
Payout: Daily via PayTm

12.Create a Question

We are in the age of information technology where people are searching for something new every day.

Hence, this creates an intention among people to ask a question for everything they face daily.

When you see some people always asking questions either from their subject or in their job or in their field of interest.

We at identifies this interest among the people to convert into a work from home opportunity.

If you are the one who is always having the habit of asking the question, you are in the right place now.

We have nearly millions of people to answer your question and at the same time, you will earn money for every question.

Means, you earn Rs.3 to Rs.5 for every valuable question you ask in our portal either in your subject or in your job.

You can earn a decent income just by asking valuable questions sitting in your home or in your office.

A smartphone with an internet connection is all enough to start doing this job in our portal.

Register yourself as a free member today to start asking questions and collect the rewards for approved questions.

Approved questions will be published in our education portal and we let people answer those questions.

Don't wait more and take action today. Start making money from this work from home job.

13. Recipe comment has a large dedicated food portal for food lovers where we published new recipes every day.

Many people are making a regular income by sharing their recipes to our portal for our readers.

Same way, people visiting our food portal are likely to read the comments of other people to differentiate the best recipe.

If you are a food lover or stay at home mom or a housewife, you can earn by writing valuable comments for those recipes.

We reward genuine people who write genuine comments for the recipes which are published in our portal.

Join now by completing a simple registration process and become our dedicated member.

You will find a list of available jobs in your account dashboard and you can also find the recipe commenting jobs.

There is no limit to your earnings as long as if you are writing valuable comments to help our readers.

For every true comment, you will get a reward anywhere between Rs.5 to Rs.10 credited to your account.

Once you have reached a minimum threshold, you can withdraw your earnings to your bank account or your PayTM Wallet.

Recipe Commenting Job is a great opportunity for people who are searching for genuine work from home jobs.

Take action today to become our member and make money by working in your free time at your home.

14. Answer the question

We offer great rewards for people who ask a genuine question in every industry of their own interest.

College students can ask from their subjects or even college professors can also ask questions to gain knowledge.

Same way, there are many people who are ready to answer those questions. We have a job for those people.

If you are the right person to answer the question asked by other people that are published in our portal, you can earn money.

Same like asking a question, we reward the people who answer those questions that are genuine and approved.

You will be paid for every approved answer. Normally you can earn anywhere between Rs.3 to Rs.5 for every answer.

This is a great work from home job opportunities for educated housewives, stay at home moms, college students.

And other people who want to earn money for their own expenditures apart from their regular salary.

As, we have multiple works at home job opportunities for all people.

Already many college students are making a decent monthly revenue as their pocket money by taking this job.

You can do this job from your home, or in your college or in your library or in your office by using your smartphone.

Register an account today and get your member dashboard to find the available jobs for making money.


Computers and modems have made it possible for office workers to do much of their works from home instead of working in offices.

Working from home should be encouraged as it is good for workers, employees and the organization as well.

As technology has advanced, an increasing number of people are now able to work from home using their computers.

In my opinion, this trend should be promoted as it brings many benefits for workers as well as employers.

To begin with, nowadays working with computers from home has brought several advantages to people.

  1. Firstly, the atmosphere at home helps to reduce stress as people can work at their own pace without facing any distractions.
  2. Secondly, when people work from home, they can save money on travel costs and its more beneficial to the employees.
  3. They also get to take care of their home and children. This is particularly helpful for women with young children.

To conclude, it is true that nowadays a growing number of people are working from home instead of going to the office.

In my opinion, this arrangement should be supported as it benefits both the employees and employers.

Personally, I believe that working from home is less stressful and it's up to you and your ambitions to get advantages from working at home.

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