Ask / Write Questions - Typing Job & Get Paid Rs.1 per Job

Create a Question

Many of us search in google if we have doubts in any general things or subject based issues. Create a question job comes in that category only. You have to give us questions or answers on all aspects that you wish. 

Create a question job covers almost all general subjects. In this section we have topics from art, literature, medicine to food, hygiene, etc,. It is an interesting job where you can create a question of your own, answer a question which we already have in our website or create a new question and answer. 

The questions that you create can be either difficult or simple one. An empowering question is a thought provoking, open ended, challenging question that allows a person to look for answers and new opportunities. Those types of questions are most appreciated.

Here are a few steps on how to create questions for our website.

Step 1 : You must login to our website to post any job.

Step 2 : Click on create a question job, you will be directed to a page with drop-down menu bar.

Step 3 : In select first level category, options like health and medicine, history, philosophy, religion and humanities, etc.,will be available. Choose on which category you are going to create question or give answer.

Create a Question Job Step 3

Step 4 : In select second level category, options related to your choice of first level will be displayed. For example, if you have chosen food, cuisines and cooking in first level, then options like food, cooking, restaurant and recipes will be there in the second level category. Choose the right category of your choice.

Create a Question Job Step 4

Step 5 : In select job type, there will be 3 options. You can choose any one of your choice. The options are create a question, answer a question or create a question and answer.

Create a Question Job Step 5

Step 6 : If you choose, create a question option, a space for typing your question will be displayed. Type your question in the box, see preview and then submit.

Create a Question Job Step 6

Step 7 : Then click the preview button, and check the content.

Create a Question Job Step 7

Step 8 : Click Submit button

Create a Question Job Step 8

Step 9 : After submitting the content, you will be directed to a page displaying thank you for submitting the content.

You are done now. Wait for a while, we will review your content and inform you either its selected or rejected.

Tips to create good question and answer :

  1. Your question should be relevant to the subject that you have chosen.
  2. Before starts to write, plan your questions.
  3. Try using neutral words in your questions.
  4. While giving answers to the question, ensure the answers are correct.
  5. Useful, clear and powerful questions are most appreciated.
  6. Create questions that stimulates thinking.
  7. Make your questions guiding but not leading.
  8. Create meaningful question and answer.
  9. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  10. Avoid using capital letters and special characters at unwanted places.