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Current Affairs Question & Answer Posting Job

Current affairs questions are frequently asked in all government exams, banking exams, railway exams, competitive exams such as IBPS, UPSC, SSC, Bank PO, Bank clerk, IBPS, UPPSC, MPSC, etc.,

Current affairs includes the political events, social, economic, cultural events, climate and almost everything that happens all around the world.

The questions from this section play an important role for the students who are writing competitive exams in gaining good marks. Not all of us are reading newspapers or magazines daily and getting updates about current affairs.

So this chapter from our website is helping the students who are looking for easy current updates. If you are interested in current affairs and capable of posting questions and answers about it and making money, then post it by following the simple steps below.

Step By Step Method Of Posting Current Affairs Questions And Answers

Step 1:

For posting any job on our website, you must login.

Step 2:

Click on current affairs posting job. You will be redirected to a page with drop down menu boxes.

Step 3:

In select first level category, click on current affairs 2020.

Current Affairs Job Step 3

Step 4:

In select second level category, the options will be like, current affairs january 2020, current affairs february 2020, and so on. Click on the option for which month you are going to post current affairs questions and answers.

Current Affairs Job Step 4

Step 5:

In select job type, click on aptitude question and answer posting job.

Current Affairs Job Step 5

Step 6:

Now, type the question that you need to post. It may be any question that relates to political, economical, cultural, climatic or any kind of current affairs.

Current Affairs Job Step 6

Step 7:

Below the question insert box, you will find options text box. Type the options you want to display. The default number of options are four. If you want to write any extra options, you can add it.

Current Affairs Job Step 7

Step 8:

Now, mark the option which is the correct answer for the question you gave.

Current Affairs Job Step 8

Step 9:

In the answer description box, write down the explanation for the answer if any.

Current Affairs Job Step 9

Step 10:

Click on submit, to send us your current affairs question and answer.

Current Affairs Job Step 10

Step 11:

If your job is successfully sent to us, you will find a display stating thank you for posting the job.

That’s it, you are done. Now you must have little patience before hearing from us. After reviewing your post, we will send you notification whether your posted job is selected or rejected.