Fees & Charges

For Employers

  1. As an employer, one can register with us and join our platform for free.
  2. To start posting the projects, the employer must have to subscribe to our membership plan. We have several subscription packs which the employer can choose as per their choice. 
Plan DetailsPlan PriceProject Post
Employer Silver99100
Employer Gold199200
Employer Diamond299300
  1. After membership subscription, the employer need not to pay any fee for posting the projects. Depending on the subscription they can post projects liberally without the fear of hidden fees. 
  2. The employers can post projects in the below two types / services. 
  • Fixed project – In this type of project, the employer has to fix the total salary which they are going to pay for the employee for the relevant project. 
  • Pay per hour – In this type, the employer has to pay the employee, the number of hours they work for the relevant project. 

While posting a project/service, the employer has to pay us the full payment they allocated for the employee. For security, netjobsall.com will take responsibility of the cash and protect it with the payment system. The payment will be released to the employee after the completion of the project and after receiving the approval of the employer with 100% satisfaction.

We receive the payments through UPI and direct bank transfers. For direct bank transfers, no transfer fee will be applicable. 

If you pay through a credit or debit card, there will be a small charge for paying through a third-party gateway. 

Fix the value of the project at one time, as we do not offer upper and lower limits for the value of the project. 


All the payments are excluding taxes and so the employers will be charged a GST of 18% at the time of checkout as we currently accept projects only from India. 

There is no account maintenance fee.

For Freelancers

  1. The freelancers can register and join us for free. 
  2. To bid a project, the freelancer has to subscribe to our membership. We have different membership plans, from where the employee/freelancer can choose their convenient plan. The number of projects they can bid depends upto the membership plan they subscribe for.
Plan DetailsPlan PriceBids per Plan
Freelancer Silver99100
Freelancer Gold199200
Freelancer Diamond299300
  1. Apart from membership fee, the freelancer has not to pay us any commission for their project awardings. 
  2. Currently our payment system does not approve any payment withdrawal outside India and there is no payment deduction during the withdrawal inside India. A TDS of 1% will be deducted. 
  3. There is no account maintenance fee.