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January 6, 2022
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How To Check If Your Project Proposal Is Accepted?

It is quite normal to be in a state of anxiety when you apply for a job. So after sending a proposal, if you cannot hold your patience and want to know the proposal status right away just follow the steps below on how to check the status of the proposal.

Step 1: In the menu, click on My project menu.

Project Proposal 1

Step 2: You can now see the proposals submitted. If it is shown as active. You need to wait until the employer approves your request.

Project Proposal 2

Step 3: Once the employer accepts your request, we send an email to you.

Project Proposal 3

Step 4: Once you received your email, you can check your project status. it was changed active to processing.

Project Proposal 4

Step 5: In project details page, You confirm the project allocated to you.

Project Proposal 5

Step 6: Now you can see your employer details who was allocated the project to you.

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