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January 6, 2022
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How To Register On

As a first-time user, you must register on our website, before you start working with us. The registration process takes minimal steps along with your mail verification which helps you in tracking your work schedules, payments, and much more in one place. Follow the below steps and get started. 

Steps for registering with us

Step 1: Visit and click on Register in the right corner of the home screen. 

register 1

Step 2 : Choose Freelancer Signup Option

register 2

Step 3: Enter your First name

register 3

Step 4: Enter your Last name.

register 4

Step 5: Add your email id, which you have to verify to get started.

register 5

Step 6: Enter your user name.

register 6

Step 7: Enter the password through which you have to sign in each time on our website. Make sure not to share your password with anyone. 

register 7

Step 8: Enter Confirm your password

register 8

Step 9: Agree the terms & conditions of Read the terms & conditions before clicking on the box. 

register 9

Step 10: Click on the Sign Up button.

register 10

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  1. Shamili Nagappan

    I have paid before

  2. Shamili Nagappan

    I have paid before

  3. Kalyani Wakhare

    Right now I’m working as a content writer but what if I want to opt for data entry and form filling as well??