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January 6, 2022
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How To Send A Proposal For A Project?

After completing the project searches and if you are interested in a job that is displayed in the project listing, you can send a proposal to the job by following the simple steps below. Make sure to read all the given details about the job, the employer and the company before sending the proposal.

Step 1:To send a proposal click on the Bid Button on the right side of the job detail page. 

Send A Proposal 1

Step 2: You will now see the Bid this project page where you have to enter the value for the project.

Send A Proposal 2

Step 3: In the very first tab, enter your proposal amount for the project.

Send A Proposal 3

Step 4: In the select time period drop menu, choose the number of days, weeks, or months you require to complete the project.

Send A Proposal 4

Step 5: In the add description box, you can add the details of your experience, your interest in taking the project, and the things you have to convey to your client. Make it in a professional way to increase the job opportunity.

Send A Proposal 5

Step 6: Recheck every detail you entered and then click on send to Submit your proposal to the client.

Send A Proposal 6

Step 7: You will now be notified as you have sent the proposal right above the job details.

Send A Proposal 7

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  1. Narwate Shubhangi

    Ye fake hai hme koi bhi respnce nhi aaya

  2. Narwate Shubhangi

    Ye sab fake hai hme koi bhi response nhi aaya

    • Asha

      Amt refund hua kya apka

  3. Bibiasma

    How to check if proposal is accepted