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January 7, 2022
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How To Update The Profile In Netjobsall

Completing their profile will give a neat outlook of the freelancers to the employers. The profile with 100% updates gets more opportunities than profiles with fewer updates. So try the maximum to feed us with overall details of your profession, experience and try not to leave any spaces empty. Follow the instructions below to update your profile appropriately.

Step 1: After Sign in you will redirect to the dashboard.

Step 2: From the left side menu options click on Profile.

edit profile 1

Step 3: Now click on edit profile from the menu.

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Step 4: You will be displayed with multiple boxes which let you update your profile.

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Step 5: Adding a tagline is a must, so add the tagline that suits your profession. For example, for content writing you can add a tagline like, “A good writer can make any content professional”.

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Step 6: Now select the location as India.

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Step 7: Enter the total years of experience.

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Step 8: Enter the hourly rate that you quoted per hour.

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Step 9: Add your skills. You can select your skills through drop-down.

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Step 10: Click the check box to notify projects related to your skills.

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Step 11: Now add the profile details of your job. The description may contain what and all you will be able to perform while taking a job.

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Step 12: Now upload your profile picture. Add the picture that you want to display in your profile.

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Step 13: Click the Save Button

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Updating Work Experience

Step 1: Click on the Add New button to fill in your experience details.

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Step 2: You need to fill in the Experience title, company name, start date, and end date. In case if you do not have any experience, leave it empty.

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Update Certificate Details

Step 1: Add your Awards and Certifications. You can select your Awards and Certifications through the Add new button. 

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Step 2: Add the Award Name, Award Date and upload the relevant images.

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Add Educational Details

Updating your educational qualification will make your profile more official. Many employers look for candidates with a minimum degree and with some previous work experience. Do not worry if you are a fresher or a college student, just add your educational basement along with your institute name. Update here even if you have completed any additional diploma courses.

Step 1: Click on the Add New button to fill in your education details.

edit profile 18

Step 2: You need to fill in the Education title, Institute name, start date, and end date.

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How to Check your Profile

Step 1 : Go to Dashboard and Click View profile in Profile Menu.

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Step 2: Now you can able to see your profile on the website.

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