Milestone Dispute Resolution Policy

The Milestone Dispute Resolution policy is set up to resolve the milestone payment disputes between the buyers and the sellers. 

The Team Of Milestone Dispute

The buyers and sellers who have the dispute between them can elect a team for the Verdict. The team has to resolve the issues between the parties and acknowledge the judgement that cannot be reversed. 

Buyer & seller response to the dispute


If a dispute arises between the buyer and seller on milestone payment, the buyer must respond to it within 14 days. If not, the pending payment will automatically be transferred to the seller’s account. 


If the dispute arises, then the seller has to respond to it within 4 days or otherwise the pending milestone will be automatically returned to the buyer’s account.

Milestone Dispute Resolution Process

Phase 1 – Understanding the issue

The defendant has to submit all the disputes related to milestone payment in the relevant project in one dispute. After the submission, the defendant has to explain the issue of the despite. From phase 1 to phase 3 the defendants must attach the documents or files that give them a positive verdict. 

The final step in phase 1 is that the seller or the buyer who raises the dispute must enter the total amount they are ready to pay or ready to receive for the project. 

Phase 2 – Negotiations

In this phase the buyers and the sellers will have a chance to tell their side story and the either party can negotiate for partial compensation. The parties can resolve their issues by themselves through this phase. The party who started the dispute will have the authority to close the dispute.

If the issue is not solved through negotiation then they choose to transfer the dispute to dispute team to proceed further.  The either party has to pay a fee to the dispute team. If the parties resolve their dispute through mutual agreement or the defendant cancels the dispute before reaching the arbiter then the arbitration fee will be refunded. 

Phase 3 – Final proposal and evidence

During this phase both of the parties still have the chance to negotiate the dispute by themselves. If one of the parties paid the fee to the arbitration then the other party must also pay the fee within 4 days.

If the fee is not paid by the opponent party within the given 4 days, then the dispute will be favoured to the user who first brought the dispute into arbitration. In case of resolving the issue, before the opponent responds to pay the fee, then the user who paid the fee will be refunded. 

Before the dispute crosses phase 3, the user must submit their evidence to support their case. After the reach of phase 4, no evidence is accepted by the team of arbitration. It is important to submit the evidence as the dispute is solved based upon it. 

Phase 4 – Arbitration

The team of dispute will attain decision making at the phase 4. The process usually takes around 48 hours to review all the evidence. The verdicts by the team are final and it is not reversible. The party who wins the arbitration will be refunded and if the respondent party does not pay the arbitration fee until phase 4 will declare the complainant as the dispute winner by default. 

Required evidence for the dispute

  • If the users elects the dispute team, then they must acknowledge the team to go through all the updates and the changes made on the website. The relevant project downloads and programs will also be read by the team for the purpose of dispute to be resolved. 
  • The defendants must submit all their relevant evidence to strengthen their claim on the dispute. 
  • Emails and other conversational proofs must be submitted. While submitting the screenshots, make sure to submit unedited and clearly visible screens. Conversations sent through *.txt, *.doc, and word processing softwares are not honoured. 
  • Messenger conversations must also be submitted as screenshots. Do not submit the correspondences sent in *.txt, *.doc, or word processing softwares. 
  • Submission of contracts and relevant project files are encouraged. assures to retain the confidentiality of the submitted project information and the privacy of the dispute parties. The collected information will not be released to any other users other than required by law.