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Create Quotes and Wishes Images

  • Project deadlineJuly 31, 2021

Project detail

We will provide quotes and wishes text content, You need to create images using content.


Background images should be HD quality and  licence free.

Dimension of the image should be 1600* 1200, 1200 * 1600, 1200 * 900 or 900 *1200

Image should not have any watermark.

Our logo should be placed in any corner of the image.

Background image should be relevant to the content.

Image format should be .png

Image size should be less than 100 KB.

Final image should be HD.


Quotes/ Wishes Content:

1. My life is incomplete for nearly fifteen years after I met you these four means a lot to me, happy birthday to you my love.

2. When you are away my heart started to ache, when my heart finds that your birthday is coming up soon, my ache is gone and I started to make a surprise for you and wishes for your birthday.

3. I always close my eyes and ears open to hear your voice now I want you to close your eyes. And I want to whisper your birthday wishes on your ears with a hug.

4. I came to know about you as a stranger and we become friends then we started to share our favorites. But I never expect that you will be my favorite person hereafter and forever. Happy birthday my dear love.

5. On your birthdays I thought of buying you gifts but you proved to me that I’m your gift. Love you with all my heart and birthday wishes from my soul.

6. I never failed to dream about you because you’re the only thing that I could remember in my unconscious state. I love you and I wish you the best birthday.

7. If I didn’t choose you my parents won’t find a good soul more than you, Happy birthday to you my love.

8. Not everything is special, not everyone is important but on birthdays it is the best thing that you could feel. Happy birthday to you my love.

9. Those carings and affections are the best things that happened in my life, I wish to have you in my life, my dear lady love. Happiest birthday my lady love.

10. Those coupling moments in dressing is the best in my life as you. Happy birthday to you my dear lady love.

11. I used to cry every day but today I won’t cry even for your wonderful surprise, happy birthday to you my lady love.

12. You never left me alone, you used to pin my shawl, comb my hair perfectly and check my eyeliner is perfect or not.

13. That’s why I wish I could be with you forever with love happy birthday my love.

14. Even though you make me cry I won’t feel bad because your the one who is the reason for my biggest smile nowadays. Happy birthday my love.

15. Whenever I pray to God I ask him nothing except his love towards me should be increased, happy birthday to you my dear love.

16. When everyone treats their loved ones like parents, you are different from all of them because you treat me like your own daughter that’s why I love you so much. Happiest birthday my love and God bless you.

17. Not everyone can have a surprise on birthdays. Every time you get surprised by my love on your happy birthday to my love.

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July 31, 2021