Required Writers To Write hindi Quotes On funny – 3

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Posted on May 24, 2023


Project Desciption

We are looking for unique and creative quote writers to write quotes about ‘funny quotes – 3’. The writer should be capable of handling quirky words and should write the quotes in an admirable poetic way.
We need your writing to attract our audiences and to keep them as our frequentors. The writers must be skilled to write the quotes in the number of words we have described. We are looking for someone who could enrich our quote website with their quotes.


  • You must write about 30 quotes in the topic ‘funny quotes – 3’.
  • The minimum number of words should be 10 and ensure not to write more than 30 words in a quote.
  • The quotes must be written in hindi
  • We highly appreciate it, if your quotes are simple, neat and presentable.
  • We do not encourage spelling or grammatical errors in the quotes.
  • Show your own creativity in writing the quotes.


  • The quotes must not be copied from any other website which means no plagiarism accepted.
  • Write the quotes in a meaningful manner.
  • You must write the quotes relevant to the topic ‘funny quotes – 3’.

Skills Required

Content Writing

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I’ll complete the project timely and as per the requirement. You won’t regret hiring me.




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I have experience of writing gazals and shayaris in Hindi
also a script writer of my own drama in collage/school days.
And I have already some quotes in my diary on the topic you have given
I will do my best and give you the result more better than your expectations

Jashandeep Kaur

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I will complete the project with in a day sure !




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Respected sir
मैं हिंदी की व्याख्याता हू, अतः हिंदी से मेरा बुहूत गहरा नाता है और मैं अपने आप को काफी अनुभवी भी पाती हूं। मुझे एक अवसर दें और नतीजे देखें

Riya Shaw



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I will complete the project with in a day sure and with some amazing content

Aparna Shaji



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Creative and unique content with no plagiarism.
Content will be upto the mark
And submitted on time without fail
Thank you


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प्रिय सर
आपके साथ काम करना मेरे लिए खुशी की बात होगी.
मुझे ग़ज़ल और शायरियां लिखना पसंद है,l
मैं अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ दूंगी और अपनी पूरी ऊर्जा के साथ काम करूंगी और समय में पूरा करके दूँगी, मुझे एक अवसर अवश्य दें