Write Wishes Quotes Job & Get Paid Upto Rs.10 per Job

Wishes and Quotes Writing Job

We, Netjobsall.com is providing many job opportunities exclusively for part-time job seekers, students and housewives. Among them all, wishes and quotes writing job is the easiest and cheerful at the same time.

Many among us, get help from Mr.Google if we want to express our emotions like happy, sad, excited, etc,. or to wish someone for any festivals and special occasions. It became a fashion now, to post quotes and wishes in social platforms like whatsapp, insta, facebook, twitter, etc,. How flavourful it would be if you get paid for posting quotes and wishes?

So here is a chance for you to express your imagination and uniqueness by writing wishes and quotes for our website. 

One cannot write a quote, if he/she can’t state a meaningful message in a simple sentence. If you are expertised in writing motivational and inspirational quotes then, cheers! You are contributing something to heal some souls. 


Step by step method of posting wishes and quotes job in our website:

Step 1: For posting any content for our website, you must log in first. 

Step 2 : Select wishes and quotes writing job option. You will be directed to a page with drop-down menu options.

Step 3 : In Select first level category, you have to choose, for which topic you are going to write content. the options be like birthday, good morning, good night, love, etc,.

wishes quotes writing jobs step 3

Step 4 : In select second level category, options related to your choice of first level category will be available. For example, if you have chosen festivals in first level, then the options in second level will be like diwali wishes, christmas wishes, holi wishes, bakrid wishes, etc., Choose for which festival you are going to write the content.

wishes quotes writing jobs step 4

Step 5 : In select job type box, choose quotes and wishes.

wishes quotes writing jobs step 5

Step 6 : Start writing your quote in the content box.

wishes quotes writing jobs step 6

Step 7 : After typing the quote, click on preview option and check everything you written are right or wrong.

wishes quotes writing jobs step 7

Step 8: Now click submit to send us your quotes or wishes.

wishes quotes writing jobs step 8

Step 9 : You will now see a page, displaying thank you for submitting your quotes or wishes.

wishes quotes writing jobs step 9

That’s it, now you have to wait to hear from us. We will review your posted work and let you know either its selected or rejected. 


Tips to follow for writing wishes and quotes:

  1. Be clear in which topic you are going to write. For example, if you are writing birthday wishes for wife, there should be words like wishing her, should not end up writing love quotes for her. 
  2. Create a theme for your quote. Be clear in words you are going to use for the chosen topic. For example, if you are writing for motivation, include words like endurance, success, etc,.
  3. Your quotes or wishes should have a meaning, should not be meaningless.
  4. Number of words in quotes must be at least 10 words and should not exceed more than 40 words.
  5. Your quotes should be unique. Avoid copying from other websites.
  6. Don’t use capital letters at unwanted places.
  7. Write your content only in English language.
  8. Avoid spell errors and unwanted special characters in your content.
  9. Don’t repeat submitting the same content again.
  10. The content should match with the category / subcategory.

Note : Before start to write, please visit Allquotez.com to get an idea.