Write Recipe with Step by Step Images & Get Paid Rs.100 per Recipe

Recipe Writing Job

The world is nothing without food. All of us love eating a different variety of foods. Indian’s love eating Chinese food, American’s love Indian food and so on. Who will tell us how our favourite food recipes are cooked? 

From newly married woman to a bachelor man, most of us struggling without knowing the proper method of making tasty food recipes. We hardly need someone to guide us on how to cook food tasty. Nowadays many people started food blogs and yes, we do get help from youtube too. Have you ever earned money from any food blog websites, youtube or anything? We are just giving them profit through surfing their websites and clicking on their youtube links.

Many housewives, chefs, college students and food lovers cooks different variety of foods in a unique way. But all of them are not getting appreciated or getting a chance to showcase their talents. 

Knowing all your talents and hardwork, we Netjobsall is giving you a chance to earn money with the recipes you are expertised in.

Simply follow the below steps to know how a recipe should be posted for our website and start earning from now itself.

Step by step method for posting recipe in our website:

STEP 1 :

Select the first level category option, choose recipe writing jobs.

Recipe Writing Job Step 1

STEP 2 :

In select second level category option, choose whether you are going to write for veg recipes, non veg recipes, egg recipes or vegan recipes.

Recipe Writing Job Step 2

STEP 3 :

In the select job type box, choose the recipe.

Recipe Writing Job Step 3

STEP 4 :

In the recipe information box, initially, you have to write the name of the recipe.

Recipe Writing Job Step 4

STEP 5 :

Add the photo of the recipe you are going to post. The photo must be a neatly plated recipe and the recipe presentation is most important.

Recipe Writing Job Step 5

STEP 6 :

Give an introduction about the recipe. You can write about the origin of the recipe, the taste and anything that is special about the recipe.

Recipe Writing Job Step 6

STEP 7 :

Write down the number of servings, preparation time and cooking time of the recipe.

Recipe Writing Job Step 7

STEP 8 :

Fill in the main ingredient name that you used for making the recipe.

Recipe Writing Job Step 8

STEP 9 :

Now enter the quantity of the ingredient used. This step is more important as the quantity added will decide the taste and number of servings of the recipe. (ex. 1/2 kg Paneer)

Recipe Writing Job Step 9

STEP 10 :

To add another ingredient, click on add another ingredient option.

Recipe Writing Job Step 10

STEP 11 :

To add more main ingredients, click on add main ingredient option. You can add as many as main ingredients you want.

Recipe Writing Job Step 11

STEP 12 :

Now you have to write a description on which method you have done of the main method name of the recipe. 

Recipe Writing Job Step 12

STEP 13 :

Now, you have to add the step by step descriptions on cooking the recipe. You must upload a photo in each step. The picture must be relevant to the described step.

Recipe Writing Job Step 13

STEP 14 :

Click on add another step option, to write more steps of cooking the recipe.

Recipe Writing Job Step 14

STEP 15 :

If there is another method to cook the recipe, then click on the add main method option.

Recipe Writing Job Step 15

STEP 16 :

Finally see the Preview of the recipe you written. You can even postponed and continue posting the recipe after a while by clicking save as draft.

Recipe Writing Job Step 16

STEP 17 :

Now submit the recipe. You will be directed to a page displaying thank you for posting the recipe.

Recipe Writing Job Step 17

That’s it, now you have to wait to hear from us. We will review your recipe and let you know whether it's selected or rejected. 

Things to remember while writing recipe :

  1. Most importantly, you should be cautious while choosing second level category. Be sure whether you are going to write veg, non veg, egg or vegan recipe.
  2. Provide exact number of servings, cooking time and preparation time.
  3. Name the ingredients in English language. Be sure about the quantity of the ingredients.
  4. Mention the serving options of the recipe.
  5. If the recipe can be stored, mention how to store and how long it can be stored.
  6. Unique different recipes are most appreciated
  7. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors while posting your recipe.
  8. Avoid using capital letters and special characters at unwanted places.
  9. Photos uploaded along with the recipe must be clear.
  10. The main picture of the recipe should be presented with neat plating.

Note : Before writing recipe, visit Foodiesall.com to get an idea.