Terms & condition

General Terms in this Agreement

Account – The account you created with us using your email address

Seller – The freelancers are called Sellers. In other words the person who bid on a project is a Seller. The users can perform both the role of a seller and buyer.

“Netjobsall.com”, “we”, “our”, “company” or “the company” or “us” refers to Ecom ADS private Limited.

Verified by netjobsall.com – The users successfully verified under KYC and checked if the given details are original.

Inactive account – If the account is not logged in for more than 6 month period.

Intellectual Property Rights – That includes: Copyrights and to keeping confidentiality. To protect intellectual rights they are laws of equity.

Milestone payment – The payment provided by the buyer when the freelancer reaches the targeted milestone in work.

Project – It refers to the service or the job listing offered by the buyer.

Seller – The person who bids the job offer is a seller and seller can perform the role of a buyer too.

Seller services – The project or the services offered by a seller.

Netjobsall.com services – The offering of our services to you.

“User”, “you”  “your”, “they”, or “their” refers to the user who is visiting the Website, including via the API.

User Contract – The user agreement and the rules of conduct are updated from time to time.

Website – Refers to the website of netjobsall.com

1. Overview

To be the user of netjobsall.com, you must agree with the below terms:

  • This user agreement and the information linked here will be amended from time to time without giving any notice to you.
  • Netjobsall.com is an online platform for buyers and sellers. To get started the users must register with us. This venue helps the buyers and sellers to combine in work and get paid through it. We do not support any contractual agreements between the buyer and seller.
  • Although we update the information in the website from time to time, it happens to not be amending the website at some time. So we are not responsible if the website does not have current updates.

2. Eligibility

  1. Must form legally binding contracts.
  2. Should be above the age of 18.
  3. Should not have any suspension for using the website.
  4. Should have a valid email address.

3. Utilizing netjobsall.com

  1. Do not post any irrelevant contents or services.
  2. Should not violate the laws and should follow our rules of conduct.
  3. Should not fail to deliver the payment to the seller.
  4. Should not fail to complete the project bidded from a buyer.
  5. Should not intervene in our fee structure, the billing and the payment that is beholden to netjobsall.com
  6. Should not post any fake, misleading, defamatory and offensive contents.
  7. Should not use the feedback information for purposes which are not related to the website.
  8. Should not transfer your user account to a third party without our consent.
  9. Should not post spammed contents.
  10. Should not distribute viruses or harm the users including their intellectual property rights. Should not threaten or use vulgar abusive contents over people to incite hatred of any user.
  11. Should not use the job listings from our website without our authorisation.
  12. Should not do any modifications in the software programs used by us that are connected to the website
  13. Should not copy or modify the contents from our website.
  14. Should not collect the personal information of other users.

4. Fees and Services

Currently our services are available only within India and our fees are all quoted in Indian rupees. To know more about our fees and charges visit our pricing page.

Pricing for freelancer

Pricing for Employer

5. Taxes

Our services are available only within India.

For Sellers or Employers: A TDS of 1% is deducted from the earnings.

For buyers or employees or freelancers: A GST of 18% will be changed at the time of checkout and please visit our pricing page to know about other payment gateway charges.

6. Promotion

For marketing and other related purposes, we may display your business name, logo and other images in our website as a part of our services. We don’t proceed if you do not acknowledge the request in writing.

7. Interaction with other users

Any textual, video or audio communications must be carried only through the interaction channels provided on the website. The users must not post personal email id or other contact information of other social platforms.

8. User Services

  • Upon the offering of any project by the buyer and bidding of the project by the seller, the buyer and the seller agree to enter a user contract agreement. No contractual provisions in conflict with the user agreement are agreed.
  • The user must obey the commitments given to the other users. If not, you are responsible to that user. As a buyer or seller you must be aware of domestic laws, international laws and regulations relevant to the uses that you make of the website.
  • Incase of any user neglects their commitment to you, you are individually responsible to enforce your rights as we have no responsibility in enforcing the rights under the user contract.
  • Sellers and buyers have rights under statutory warranties that can be excluded lawfully. This agreement does not state anything to override a right that is applicable. No unfair contracts are drafted in this user agreement. This user agreement does not have any conflict with inalienable rights under local laws.
  • The user must agree that there is no agreement between the buyers and sellers that creates a partnership or employment relationship between them. There should be only an independent contract between them. Nothing in this user agreement states any joint venture or partnership between the users.

9. Funds

  • The buyer may have certains funds in their account if they have prepaid payments for the service that are provided to them through the website. If you are a seller, you will have positive funds on the completion of a project and the payment has been released.
  • The funds in your account are not separately held by us, it is held by our general operating system as of other users.
  • The users do not have authorization in any interest or other funds that are in their account.
  • By holding your funds through our operating system, we may receive interest on funds which solely belong to us and we are not liable to any of our users for such funds.
  • We secure legal means for the rights to collect any payments that belong to us.

The users must acknowledge and accept that:

  1. We do not provide any financial or banking services to you as we are not a licensed financial institution.
  2. The amount in your account (including milestone payment subject to section 12)  is held for our unsecured commitment to you for the respect of your rights in approving the payment to be released for the seller’s services through the website.
  3. The user will be an unsecured creditor until we release funds to your accounts.
  4. For such payments, we are not the trustee.
  5. The funds in your account do not have insurance and so there is no guarantee for the deposit.
  6. To receive or pay funds you have to use the mode of transfer from our website and we solely have the rights to release the fund from your account.
  7. The refund that is to be processed for you will be through bank transfers via links.
  8. The amount that we held from your account is not holded in a separate account. It is held with a financial institution (including the milestone payments subject to section 12).
  9. The funds held from you will be combined with the funds of other users which we will pay for the freelancers on their work completion or we will take the responsibility to refund you the amount in accordance with this user agreement.

10. Withdrawals

After the completion of your first project, your payment will be processed only after 15 days for security purposes. Future withdrawals will not take that much time. It will be credited to your account in 2 or 3 days.

The payment will be added to your account and you can withdraw it directly from your bank. We may request you to consent to more information to verify your identity as a part of our anti-fraud customer policy.

11. Right to refuse service

We will suspend or limit your account for the below reasons:

  1. In case of violating this user agreement.
  2. In case of trying to negotiate the price of the project without our consent to avoid fees.
  3. In the case of you breaking legal rights including intellectual property rights.
  4. In case you engage in fraudulent activities.
  5. If the account verification is not done over a 3 months period.
  6. Incase of not responding to account verification.
  7. If you are living outside India and whenever our payment method does not match with you.
  8. In case of managing any loss to us or to some other user and for many other reasons that violates our rules of conduct and user agreement.

Note: In case your account is blocked due to fraudulent or illegal activities, you may be liable to certain fees as per our user agreement.

12. Milestone payments

A milestone payment is the fund released after a certain level of project completion instead of paying the full payment at the 100% completion.

The seller cannot claim the payment:

  1. Until the buyer and seller agree to the claim of the payment by the seller .
  2. Until a dispute between buyer and seller favours for the seller.
  3. Until we receive approval from the buyer for the payment release.
  4. Until the buyer sends us a notification about the 100% of project completion by the seller.

In case of the buyer not approving the payment even after 100% work completion by the seller, then the problem will be resolved by Dispute resolution process.

13. Other disputes with users

In case any disputes take place between you and some other user regarding the project, then agree that you will solve the dispute at first attempt. In case you cannot solve the dispute then you can contact us.

In case of any dispute between you and us, we recommend you to contact us immediately by sending mail to support@netjobsall.com or contacting us through our customer service website.

14. Currencies

At present, we offer projects and services only inside India. So we support only Indian rupees for posting the project and for withdrawing the payments.

15. Closing your account

You have the liberty to close your account at any time. Click on account settings to do it.

Remember this during the account closure:

  1. Should not have any incomplete listings on our website.
  2. Should resolve the undone things if your account has been suspended or restricted previously.
  3. Should pay the outstanding payments that are liable by your account.

Some of your data will not be removed or deleted from our website even after the account closure.

16. Privacy

We may use your contact details and other information as we described in the privacy policy. To object to the policy, we recommend you not to use our services. For identity purposes your name and personal details may be used that may include purchase orders and invoices.

17. Security

For security reasons, we recommend you not to share your password to any others. In case of any unauthorized access, notify us immediately and do the things to mitigate the security breach. We will not take the responsibility for any loss due to unauthorised access as securing your password is your duty.

18. Legal Limitations

We acknowledge to limit your liabilities incase of some jurisdictions do not allow the above establishments. The users and us have to claim against others on an individual basis but not as a representative action.

If you and we do not agree, then the judge may not consolidate the class proceeding. The judge may also award relief by seeking relief to the party’s individual claim.

19. Law and forum for legal disputes

In case of any dispute between you and us, we encourage you to resolve it under the dispute resolution process. If it is not solved then you can submit to the jurisdiction court of India as this agreement is governed by the laws of Tamil Nadu, India respectfully.

20. Additional terms

All the users must read the rules and regulations provided by us and it is your responsibility to help us in keeping the policies that includes terms & conditions that are related to services that we offer on our website includes our:

All the above will be amended from time to time as per our changes. Go through the changes on our website and it is bound in this user agreement.

21. Abusing netjobsall.com

To keep our rights secured, we take steps to limit, terminate or suspend user accounts to the greatest possible extent in case of the below conduct violations:

  1. If the user uses our services for any illegal purposes.
  2. If the user creates problems with other users.
  3. If the user breaks the intellectual property rights of others.
  4. If the user behaves odd by not understanding our policies.
  5. If the user abuses our team members with irrelevant communications.
  6. If the user performs poor in our programs.
  7. If the user tries to use our platform for unfair purposes.

22. Feedback

In case of any doubts or questions about our user agreement, please contact us through our customer support website or email us to support@netjobsall.com.